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Father's Day can be a toughie. You could probably get him another "World's Best Dad" mug and he wouldn't mind, but that would be a tad boring. Here are some gift ideas for every type of dad - from the traditional and sporty, to the gentlemen.

The Traditional Dad
Your Dad works hard for the family and lives by a set of strong, core principles. You know you can always count on him for guidance. With that same thought in mind, Jack Black's The Core Collection Set has the essentials to help your Dad cleanse, groom and moisturise in 5 minutes or less.

Beautique Maven: Jack Black The Core Collection Set

The Gentlemen Dad
People constantly tell you what a fine gentlemen your Dad is. He holds the doors for ladies and carries himself like Don Draper. For someone of his demeanour, he would love a sleek yet functional razor set like Bolin Webb .

Beautique: Bolin Webb R1 Razor Monza Gift Set

 The Sporty Dad
Always up for an adventure or activity, your Dad loves trying new things that gets him moving. To keep up with him, Vitaman's Sports Discovery Pack will help him soothe muscular aches, tackle abrasions and keep him smelling fresh.

Beautique Maven: Vitaman Sports Discovery Pack

The Jet-setting Dad
Your Dad lives out of a suitcase and is constantly traveling for his work. What he needs is a convenient travel size grooming kit. We like that Jack Black's Jet Set Traveler is free from parabens, sulfates, colorants and synthetic fragrances. It also comes in generous travel sizes. 

Beautique Maven: Jack Black Jet Set Traveler, PureScience Technology

The Dad-Jokes Dad
Your Dad loves cracking jokes and getting everyone to laugh along with him (even when they're cringe-worthy sometimes). Acca Kappa's 1869 Eau De Cologne's warm leathery scent is filled with dashes of iris and violets - projecting a masculine yet playful feel.  


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