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Having recently celebrated their 30th anniversary, Koh Gen Do is a highly sought after beauty brand known for their High-Definition makeup such as the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation among American and Asian celebrities. All of their products are infused with botanical extracts that not only enhances the natural beauty of the skin, but also improve its restorative functions over time. It is no wonder that the brand has gained quite a following over the years.

We had the privilege of having Ms. Megumi Setoguchi, Senior Managing Director of Koh Gen Do to share with us the story behind the brand, how she keeps her skin in tip top condition and beauty tips for Singaporeans.  

 Could you share a bit about yourself and how Koh Gen Do was founded?

I had terrible skin condition in my 20s when I came across Oriental Medicine and started to learn about the theory and thought behind it. It has been over 20 years since I became an Esthetician at the Azabu Facial Salon in Tokyo, Japan. Based on the study of Oriental Medicine and years of experience from providing treatments to many clients, I am responsible for developing and designing the products of Koh Gen Do.

Koh Gen Do started with an actress, concerned about her over-stressed skin. The brand was envisioned by her who wanted to rest and restore her own skin. She created a skincare line that stimulated and supported the skin’s naturally restorative functions. Eventually, she integrated this skincare concept into a base makeup line; now cherished by actresses around the world for its restorative beauty. Since then, Koh Gen Do's products have been credited in over 600 international films.

The actress who founded Koh Gen Do was my very own sister who brought me into the brand.


How did you become interested in the beauty industry?

I frequently visited my sister’s film sets since I was little. There, I was shocked when I saw how makeup could completely change how a person looked. That developed my interest in beauty.

I officially entered the beauty industry when Koh Gen Do launched its esthetic treatments. I became interested in esthetic counselling and was hooked. When I discovered that beauty develops from within and not only on the surface, esthetic treatments became fun for me and has become my lifelong calling.


What is one beauty product that you can't live without?

Right now I would have to say that it's the Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk.

I work irregular hours and carry out various roles such as an esthetician, developing products and appearing on TV. As I work not only behind the scenes but also in front of the camera, I always have to keep my skin in excellent condition.

When I first created the Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk in 2007, I noticed a significant improvement to my skin while testing the product and was confident about its results. Since then, no matter how hard my job was or even if I lacked sleep, the Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk with its firming and conditioning effects helped me greatly in creating a perfect base for beautiful makeup. It is a must-have for my skin.


We understand that the 'Macro Beauty Care' range was created by you. Can you tell us what was your inspiration behind it and some of the key benefits?

This beauty care was originally created for an actor to restore his skin before shooting. The biggest influence behind this range was a hair makeup artist who asked me for help.

People who work on screen look at skin trouble in the “Macro” (whole) point of view and not small partial parts. So I looked into creating a quick skincare solution to condense my esthetic treatment into something that can improve the skin's condition and appearance.

"Macro Beauty Care" is a treatment method where your own hands become a tool without the need for machines. Hence, no matter where you are, you can give yourself a treatment any time. This is the most direct treatment method to restore the skin for those who need to become beautiful immediately.

Skin fatigue is accumulated everyday while ageing decreases the skin's restorative abilities. However, it is possible to slow down this process depending on the type of skincare and treatment you use. That is what makes the difference.

The key benefit of the "Macro Beauty Care" range is in improving elasticity. I have generously combined ingredients that boost elasticity in the full Macro Vintage line. Through this, I notice that the resistance of the skin becomes stronger over time.

I have been giving esthetic treatments to clients for over 20 years and know from experience that your skin will definitely respond to your expectations through the "Macro Beauty Care" range.

Singapore's weather is hot and humid all year round, what tips can you give our readers to achieve flawless skin like yours? 

I think Singapore weather is similar to that of summer in Japan.

During the hot season, the moisture level of the skin decreases and you get that sticky feeling due to the humidity. I think many people suffer from skin problems due to the lack of moisture in the stratum corneum (surface layer of the skin)The secret of beautiful looking skin lies in the amount of moisture in the stratum corneum.

First, I would like to suggest getting into the habit of cooling and calming the skin.

For example, using lotion packs at night and rinsing your face with cold water after washing help in soothing the skin. These are simple things that can be done to "train" your skin to stay hydrated and retain its moisture. Without this effort, the skin will tend to lose moisture which results in sagging over time. Therefore, I would like to emphasise on skin moisturising care.

My go-to products from Koh Gen Do are Oriental Plants Essence and Oriental Plants Lotion. Both provide excellent moisture care, especially the latter as it is created with a time-release ingredient that delivers continuous moisture to really help the skin stay hydrated throughout the day.

The transparency of skin also changes depending on how much light it can reflect.

When your skin's condition is not ideal, rather than choosing expensive skincare and procedures, just follow the basics of soothing, calming and moisturising your skin to enhance its restorative functions.


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