omorovicza facial treatment

Omorovicza’s potent Blue Diamond Collection dramatically energizes the skin to awaken and illuminate it from within, thanks to a unique combination of ingredients that fuel rejuvenation. With the Blue Diamond range of products, even lacklustre complexion becomes instantly luminous:

· Restorative diamond peptides imbue skin with a flawless radiance
· Youth-boosting copper amino-acid compounds increase collagen and elastin production for firmer skin and renewed elasticity
· Arabinogalactans (watercress derived polysaccharides) stimulate oxygenation, for brighter and softly glowing skin





A potent combination of lactobionic and exotic fruit acids work together to exfoliate skin without irritation or upsetting skin’s natural balance, skin is lighter, brighter and firmer after use.

Simultaneously lightening, brightening and firming, the opalescent Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel reveals the inner luminosity of youthful skin. Lactobionic acid and tropical fruit acids exfoliate the skin without irritation, keratolytic enzymes renew the skin by promoting cellular turnover and a bio available copper compound renews the skin's elasticity.



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